A novel of love, hope, second chances, and robots starring HARVEY MILK and ALAN TURING

About the Novel

EVER I SAW YOUR FACE is a story of love, hope, second chances, and robots.

When freshly assassinated gay rights leader Harvey Milk falls for the shy charm of mathematician Alan Turing in the Afterlife, he is confronted with the old wounds and traumas of his time on earth. Until Harvey finds healing he can neither unite fully with Alan nor can he be born again with the chance of changing his life story and in so doing, change the world.

EVER I SAW YOUR FACE straddles both science fiction and fantasy somewhat like A WRINKLE IN TIME and is told in the first-person by Harvey and other historical figures such as MLK, Anne Frank, and Bruce Lee. It celebrates the triumph of the human spirit over tragedy, the path of healing, and the transformative power of love beyond time and space. It is the first volume of the series 8008: NO ONE IS PERFECT, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Slots are still open if you would like to be a Beta Reader. Beta readers not only get to read the novel for free, if they provide substantial feedbook, they will be mentioned in the published volume and receive a print of original artwork.

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