The Harvey and Alan Story

There are many aspects to the Harvey and Alan story. Right now, the focus is on how they got together.

The loss of Alan Turing and Harvey Milk, both dead long before their time, is a great sorrow.

In FOR THE LOVE OF Alan Turing, Harvey and Alan not only live again (in the Afterlife) but also love again.

We get to enjoy the early, passionate stages of their romance, from meeting cute to first dance to fun dates. Intimacy, emotional and mental, as well as physical, increases and it seems only a matter of time for things to sizzle.

But when brash Harvey makes an unfortunate move and Alan’s insecurities fear the worst, all hell breaks loose. It doesn’t help that Harvey’s dead ex-lover Jack Lira tries to take advantage of the situation and try to get Harvey back.

If this romance will succeed, both Harvey and Alan must develop beyond older ways of doing things, learn to trust themselves and each other, and be willing to fight for a love that they realize is the best thing that has happened to either of them.

The novel will also share with you many of Alan Turing’s contributions and you will have a chance to learn more about how the Enigma operated and how Alan broke it.

Read the Harvey Milk and Alan Turing’s Afterlife Love Story in FOR THE LOVE OF ALAN TURING