In the Spirit of Harvey and Alan: #JewsAgainstICE — A Twitter Moment–See the footage– read the quotes–Get inspired!

UPDATED: Jews Take over ICE Headquarters, July 16, 2019 -- the Rising of the Moon (day of lunar eclipse)


Five Things You Probably Don’t Know about Alice Pleasance Liddell

1 Her father is one of the authors of the most important Greek lexicons of all time, known affectionally to scholars as the LSJ. There is a special two-volume version of the LSJ that instead of English, translation you get it all in modern Greek with expanded quotations. Scholars pronounce this last name as Li-dell, …

Autistically Awesome Alan Turing

The future of our society and our planet lies in recognizing Neurodiversity. Different brains are organized in different ways and are skilled at different tasks. People with so-called Bipolar Disorder have different brains. People with so-called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have different brains and people who are Autistic have different brains. Having a Neurodiverse mind …