The Novel: Free Draft to Read

It’s here! It’s queer! It’s free! Just in time to celebrate Alan Turing’s 110th birthday on June 23, 2022. You can read an unpublished draft version of the Harvey Milk/Alan Turing geeky love story on this website or download to read at your leisure. If you are on the landing page click on CONTINUE READING for directions.

To read online, you can either wait for the file to load OR click on the underlined link below: (You’ll have to scroll down a bit).

To download, click on the Download button.

CW: gun violence, homophobic related trauma, references to the Holocaust, mental illness, suicide. NSFW, depending on your place of employment.

Alan’s 110th birthday is just around the corner (June 23, 2022) and this is one of a million million ways to celebrate that fortuitous event. Feedback is very welcome. Enjoy!

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