Why Harvey and Alan Belong Together

We the Alien Robotic Collective understand that in your Universe authors have to do this “marketing thing.” As even if you are scooped up by one of the Five Sisters of Mass Publication you still have to do the marketing thing. We can just hear Jane (“Beside her Joyce is as Tame as Grass”) sniping. “You are saying good sir, that writing my novels in a sitting room whilst living in an unbearable society filled with silly conventions, silly people is not enough. I now have to put on a frock I can barely afford and hawk my books at Convent Garden (nice soup from there). When do you suppose, good sir, I will have any time to actually write? I’m an INTJ introvert. I can be a social butterfly on occasion, but I lack what is known is charm. So on this television of yours I will come across badly. So Sorry, I had to take leave. There is a squeak so I have to hide my writing because some infernal visitor wants to talk useless gossip about a ball when I want to catch up on my Samuel Johnson. Good morning to you!)

Today, November 27, 2016 is the 38th anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Bernard Milk on November 27, 1978. If he were alive today he would be 86 years old.  To think of all that could have happened had he and Alan Turing lived out a full lifespan, providing hope and technology to make our world a better place. Our queer, speculative, novel, FOR THE LOVE OF ALAN TURING, which has not yet been published, gives them just that chance.

Both Harvey and Alan had difficulties in their romantic relationships, which is covered thoroughly in their biographies. But they are simply great for each other. Alan needs someone he can talk with about his math and science interests and it just so happens Harvey was a math minor and high school math teacher who used advanced math in jobs such as an actuary. Harvey as a busy politican needs a love who can do well alone for long periods of time and it turns out that that is exactly Alan’s best working style!

They also share a common sense of humor, equally powerful drives for intimacy, and love boats, music, flowers, adventure, new experiences, and fun times in the kitchen! Harvey’s outrageous extroversion is well balanced by Alan’s quieter and more careful introversion. In addition they both love silly and witty banter, going to the movies, playing in the water, chilling at the beach, and being out and proud!

Clearly a Harvey-Alan affair is a match made in heaven. Harvey and Alan are both kind, loving and caring people who would do anything to keep their lover happy. This time, however, it will be a two-way street in which each of them both gives and receives love and support. After all that they went through, noble Alan and awesome Harvey, who had such tough lives, can now find a kind of passionate happiness they both so richly deserve!

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