In the Navy

We the Alien Robotic Collective have a lot of lightships so we are Navy-proud. We remind you that linguists (oh, those linguists) say that the difference between a dialect and a language is that a language “has an army and a navy.” So if you are an obscure dialect who wants a better linguistic status, start with one boat and some baking soda (but the eco kind). Enjoy these factoids we got from some random person who can’t hold a real job so spends their time compiling weird statistics.

Both Harvey and Alan have deep roots with the Navy.

  1. Little Alan in the photo above is forced to wear uncomfortable sailor clothing.
  2. Alan’s parents met on a ship.
  3. Both of Harvey’s parents were in the Navy.
  4. Harvey served in the Navy during the Korean war and was also a diving instructor. Every day he wore his special double dolphin Navy brass buckle.
  5. Alan Turing’s greatest codebreaking feat was cracking the Naval Enigma. It was complicated by eventually requiring 4 out of a possible 8 rotors and could only be fully cracked with the possession of special bigram tables, sets of random letters that were added to the encode message indicators.
  6. Alan loved sailing and traveled by boat several times to the US.
  7. The Muppet Show’s version of The Village People’s In the Navy aired in  September/October 1980 and features Viking Pigs. Alan was of Danish/Scandanavian ancestry on both sides and learned both Norwegian and Danish.
  8.  During World War II there were special U-Boats known as Milch-Cows  that serviced other U-boats by supplying them with fuel, ammunition, etc. Harvey’s last name was originally Milch and that was also considered as his true surname by Harvey. Harvey also owned a special cow figurine named Milky.

READ about a brave LGBT Ugandan Refugee who continues the great work of Harvey and Alan (who supported a Jewish refugee from Austria, Bob Augenfield).

How Alan Would Like to Be Remembered: (Hint: Gay yes, Martyr no!)
Autistically Awesome Alan Turing
athematical Knitting with Alan
Alan’s Sponge Cake

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