FINIS: Rabbi Aaron Cohen Forsees his Death

Written when in his late 30s-40s.

Some day the door will be opened. I shall be alone, completely along, in my room. My lips will be sealed. The mystery of life will become deepened through the mystery of death. All flesh will be silent, voices inaudible will tremble on the lips of others. Visions invisible will penetrate the inner sanctuary of soul. Thought beyond human ken will sweep across the universal, final cord of human life. There shall be, I trust, neither tears nor sorrow. For more than one door will be unlocked, and more than one window will be opened. My silence will proclaim the highest praise to that power whose craftsmanship, could create soul and spirit out of atoms and electrons; whose love and mercy could give beauty and harmony to myriads of cells in the microcosm of my body. Surely the same creative power will be strong enough to create something more beautiful, something more divine, out of soul which was part of me, out of spirit which was within my whole being.

And in that room the end will become the beginning; the finale will, like pebbles thrown into the water, spread innumerable circles in the universe; silence will speak louder than speech; and death will eradicate the narrow limits of flesh and blood.

Some day, I know, the door will be opened; the prisoner will be set free; the impossibility will become real; light and darkness will be transcended by something that is vaster and brighter than either light of darkness. I am ready to welcome God, wherever he may be, whenever he may come.