About the Series

EVER I SAW YOUR FACE is the first volume of the series 8008: NO ONE IS PERFECT, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, also known as THE HARVALAN CHRONICLES. In addition to telling the love story of Harvey Milk and Alan Turing, 8008 engages with such topics as the resilience of the human spirit (especially Jews, Irish and African Americans), alternate history, artificial intelligence, and love between close friends,  romantic couples, families and with the world at large.


In the Afterlife

EVER I SAW YOUR FACE Harvey and Alan fall in love.

EVER I KISSED YOUR MOUTH Harvey and Alan deepen their connection and perform a difficult task.

EVER I LAY WITH YOU Harvey and Alan prepare for their upcoming Mission, marry, and have a robot child

In another Universe

HEROES IN HELL: AN INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE Harvey and Alan prevent the destruction of an entire world. You decide how.

In the Old Universe

I SMELLED THE SPRING ON THE SMOKEY WIND Harvey and Alan visit November 1997 San Francisco  to help someone they love.

In the New Universe (which looks like Old Universe but with some new rules)

PARALLEL LIVES  Harvey and Alan grow up separately, prevent World War II with Chris Morcom and a robot team, and reunite.

THE CROWNING Harvey and Alan work for gay rights and prevent the AIDS epidemic. Alan  continues with a fabulous scientific career as Harvey’s political ambitions are realized.   Family life is complete with their four children: one robot and three humans.

OUR JOY WOULD FILL THE EARTH Thanks to their efforts, world peace and complete joy is attained for all being. Harvey and Alan become Galactic emissaries. Love has prevailed!


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