The Author

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the 1970s to a family of rabbis and scientists, Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs (also known as Naomi S.S. Jacobs, any pronoun) grew up in the Washington, DC area but with Ireland and the Irish spirit forever embedded in heart and soul and is a US, Irish, and UK citizen.

Drawn to both math/science/computing and history/politics/activism from an early age, Jacobs never lost those early passions, first marched for LGBTQ rights in 1991, and has continued to advocate for these and other social, environmental, and political causes.

Jacobs is a proud graduate of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, theUniversity of Chicago (BA Linguistics) and Durham University (PhD Early Judaism, with Loren Stuckenbruck).

Jacobs has spent significant time across the UK (especially the North of England) and in San Francisco, including the Castro, City Hall, and North Beach.

Despite massive theological differences, Jacobs wishes to have been friends with fellow Belfast-born C.S. “Jack” Lewis, J. R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield, and Dorothy Sayers.

Jacobs lives with husband David and a large collection of stuffed animals near the beach and enjoys cooking, baking, nature, creating digital paintings on the computer, writing and teaching about ancient Jewish literature and history, and good conversation.

On Twitter, Jacobs is @MilkNTuring

On Instagram, Jacobs is milknturing

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