n.s.s.jacobs (any pronoun) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1972 to a family of rabbis and scientists, grew up in the Washington, DC area, and is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Durham University. jacobs has lived for extended periods throughout California (with much time spent in San Francisco and the Castro), the English Northeast, Israel, Southern Germany, and has visited Hungary. jacobs’ travels also include NYC, Princeton, and Milton Keynes (near Bletchely Park).

jacobs has long been equally passionate about history & activism, reading, writing, and the arts, and maths & science. Since learning about the Turing test at a computer class at summer camp in 1984, jacobs has been a fan of Alan; conscious devotion to Harvey came later but just as powerfully; jacobs first marched for queer rights in 1991.

One year after jacobs’s spouse David Schwartz placed Milk stamps and Turing photos side-by-side on the wall of jacobs’s office, the story burst into being. jacobs has joyfully researched into the lives, times, writings, and passions of Harvey and Alan. About 95% of what you will read about them and the other characters in the story is historically verifiable.

Trivia: jacobs has been two degrees of separation from Harvey since 1978 as both jacobs’s sister and Harvey shook President Carter’s handt and via Eugene Wigner could be as little as one degree of separation from Alan, possibly two (via David Hilbert and John von Neumann.)

jacobs has also seen Adriana Caselotti, the voice of Snow White in a movie important to Alan, up close outside Caselotti’s garish residence in Los Angeles, and has been to Newport Beach, where Adriana’s ashes were scattered.

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