About the Author

n.s.s.jacobs, who grew up in a family of rabbis and scientists, has been writing stories since 1976 and was repeatedly published in Reflections, a Columbia Press Award Winning literary magazine of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. jacobs  also is the published author of academic writings, including the volume DELICIOUS PROSE, which studies the role of food in an ancient fairy tale.

An eternal student, jacobs’ many interests include math, chemistry, physics, biology, artificial intelligence, literature, art, history, World War II, religion, philosophy, psychology, languages, fairy tales, music, and world culture. All of these are brought to bear in depicting  jacobs’ heroes: Alan Turing and Harvey Milk.

jacobs has exhaustively researched both men, including material not available in their biographies. jacobs has also spent significant time in San Francisco, including a week in the Castro and several hours by City Hall and lived for 5 years in the North of England (same general area as Turing) and absorbed British language and culture for an authentic portrait.

jacobs has been at work on the series since March 2015 and has planned in depth how the story will unfold within the projected eight volumes, with a good chunk of books 2-8 already written.

In other trivia: jacobs is a citizen of three countries (with passports to show it), is an avid chef and baker, and likes dancing.  jacobs lives by the water and the mountains with husband david.

On Twitter, jacobs is @MilkNTuring

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