The Author

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland months after Bloody Sunday to a family of rabbis and scientists, jacobs navigates a complex identity as Jewish-American-Irish-British, queer, non-binary, Neurodiverse, and with a Bipolar I diagnosis. jacobs first marched for LGBTQ rights in 1991 and has spent significant time in both Milk’s San Francisco (especially the Castro and near City Hall) and Turing’s North of England.

jacobs is also the author of Delicious Prose: Reading the Tale of Tobit with Food and Drink (Brill, 2018), a study of an ancient Jewish fairy tale (in which an angel prevents two suicides) that has inspired the Harvey Milk-Alan Turing story in part.

jacobs has spoken out publicly about the need for enlightened mental health institutions, including a detailed exposé of a negligent and harmful facility jacobs spent time in. Ironically, it was there that a fellow patient named Tom gave jacobs essential information for the novel series.

jacobs also enjoys creating digital paintings, is an avid chef and baker, loves music and dancing, and lives with husband david near the mountains and the sea.

On Twitter, jacobs is @MilkNTuring

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