n.s.s.jacobs (any pronoun or none) was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland to a family of rabbis and scientists and has nearly as many passports as Jason Bourne. Grew up in the Washington, DC area, and graduated from the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, the University of Chicago, Durham University, and the School of Hard Knocks. As a child, jacobs was especially proud of a large banana sticker collection, including the rare Lake Placid Olympic commemorative series featuring a raccoon partaking in slalom and other winter sports.

jacobs, who knew they were queer by age 4, first marched for LGBTQ rights in 1991 when a gay graduate student received mail threats and the administration did nothing–or at least not enough. Although really manic at the time, jacobs vividly remembers when Queer Nation interrupted Jacques Derrida’s week-long lecture on Marcel Mauss’s The Gift by presenting him with a bouquet of flowers begging the great philosopher to please do something. “That you for the gift,” said Derrida. jacobs’ cousin Michael Korey also that year spearheaded and won the right for partner benefits for all domestic couples in student housing. And the most popular gym class–Social Dance–which jacobs also took in 1991–was taught by the amazing Vincent J. Samar, who allowed anyone of any gender to lead or follow. jacobs sucked at both but liked the polka and the cha-cha the best.

jacobs has spent significant time all over California, including San Francisco and the Castro, throughout the UK, Israel, Hungary and Southern Germany, Ireland. The latter included an extensive return trip in 2004 where jacobs had a personal encounter with both a DeLorean and The General Post Office, among other adventures.

The story burst into being a year after jacobs’s spouse, David Schwartz, placed a collage of Turing photographs next to the newly-minted Milk stamps in jacobs’s office. Research for the story included a wide use of primary sources, secondary sources, and first-person testimony.

Although certain fictional liberties have been taken, in many instances, the depiction of the two characters is more accurate and authentic than many popular presentations of Harvey Milk and Alan Turing, and contains verifiable information that is not available in any of the major biographies of either.

jacobs also serves as co-manager of The LGBT Refugees in Kenya funding campaign.

From the funding website:

Uganda is one of the worst countries for LGBT people where they are heavily persecuted, tortured, and murdered with abandon.
A group of mostly Ugandan LGBT refugees escaped into Kenya seeking refuge under the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for their safety.  With the on going threat of the pandemic spreading widely, hitting all countries, Kenyan cases are increasing day by day.  
The government has also suggested self isolation and staying indoors, with all offices closed until further notice.  LGBT refugees are living in fear with the lockdown taking place, they find themselves completely out of ideas of how they will cope with the situation.  The very few who were working manual jobs with daily income find themselves in a state of helplessness where they are struggling with food, toiletries, shelter. And since they won’t be in the position to afford paying rent for the homes they’ve found,  it will leave them homeless and they will be hit by the pandemic. They won’t be able to survive much longer with the outbreak of this pandemic without your help. 
Please help me raise some funds for them to buy food, rent, and basic living supplies while they wait for any kind of help from UNHCR. Ten US dollars goes a long way here.


A Voice for the Voiceless: Meet @GeoffreyRainbo, a twenty-three-year-old Ugandan LGBT Refugee
Rejected By My Own Family in Uganda for Being Gay: More from Geoffrey Rainbo

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