Trans Rights Are Human Rights–#ProtectTransKids–Missouri Alert!

I am certain that Alan Turing would be insistent on the importance of trans youth and adults being fully supported in every way. This is not merely because Alan himself experienced body dysphoria through forced hormonal treatment which pained him deeply but because he held a strong belief in the necessaries of human authenticity–the freedom to be fully oneself despite the backwards expectations found in many cultures.

If Harvey Milk were alive, he would be livid at the numerous horrific anti-trans bills that are rippling across the United States and the continued murder of trans people, especially women of color. He would urge all of us to fight this. He would see these rampant attacks as dangerous and hateful as the attacks upon Jews, gay people, the Roma people and others under the Third Reich. The scale is not comparable–but it is similar in that it is a calculated plan to murder human beings whose only crime is being themselves. Harvey would reiterate as others have noted that this attack on trans humans is intended to pave the way towards a more general attack on LGBTQ individuals and will not end there. Already the right of people to receive abortions is an attack on both LGBTQ humans and non-LGBTQ humans. And these come from the same mindset that already views Black folk and Jews in hateful ways. Therefore at this time, unity among all oppressed, the “Usses” as Harvey terms this, is essential, and that means uniting to fight for the lives of our trans family.

One can help by contacting lawmakers in States that are considering both trans protections and trans destructions as well as advocating for the Equality Act in Congress. One can keep track of these bill by following Erin Reed and Chase Strangio on Twitter.

Currently, the bill to try to stop is in Missouri, where I have lived and have friends and relatives. Quoting Erin, “the Missouri bill, SB843, is on the formal calendar in the senate for today! Missouri is moving quickly to detransition all trans teens!”

Quoting Abbie Karlish, “Missourians, if you don’t know how to get ahold of your state senator, follow this link and you’ll learn how to contact them easily: Please call ASAP. Let them know that you are OPPOSED to SB843 (the SAFE Act) because it will hurt trans kids.

In addition here are 52 Things You Can Do For Transgender Equality courtesy of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Thank you!

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