The LGBTQ Refugees in Kenya Self-Aid Society: Covid and Beyond

Most attempts to help people in Africa consist of outside NGOs and other groups from the West pouring money into what they think will help the people there without working closely with local leaders and groups and taking into account what they want and their own expertise knowledge of the situation. Because of this, the results tend to be mixed.

This project is different.

A group of LGBT Refugees from Uganda are having a tough life in Kenya. They get beaten up a lot by the locals, they lost their income from their manual jobs with expected spread of Covid, they’ve been abandoned by the UNCHR, which is the organization that is supposed to help refugees. One has been driven to despair and suicide. Members of the wider community are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and more. Some have children.

But that is all changing now.

Led by their own leader, a man with a vision and with plans, they have have secured a safe house. They have rented land to grow their own crops because seeking food has beentoo dangerous and famine is a likely problem in light of Covid. They have been making Covid masks and arts and crafts to become self-sufficient and to help their communities.

Right now, they need just a little more money to cover these expenses until they can become fully self-sufficient.

Everyone seems to have a charity they care about these days. This charity, unlike others, has no overhead. Every single dollar given goes straight to this group. The Kenyan exchange rate is such that even a small donation of $5 will go much further than the same amount given to a US or UK or European Charity.

If you are an intersectional supporter of LGBTQ people, Refugees, Africans, and want to help stop Covid in Africa, this is a sound investment in the belief of human potential. You could even set a budget to give $5 every month and that would do a lot of good .As soon as they are self-sufficient, we will let you know.

In the words of the Leader of the Self-Aid Society, Geoffrey Rainbo:

“We are a group of LGBT refugees in Kenya. After our landlord evicted us from our home when they discovered we are LGBTQ, with the thanks of your donations, we have rented a safe house in a safe location for $200 a month. Despite huge challenges, including mental stress to the point of suicide, and a total absence of income because we are LGBTQ Ugandan refugees in a Kenya, where we are beaten up all the time, we decided to take matters into our own hands. With some donations, we were able to develop an Art and Craft project. We feel so happy to be doing something productive and already people are interested in our products. We also have been making Covid masks. As we await resettlement to safer countries, we are doing everything we can do to survive, thrive, help each other and be of service to Kenya with our art and Covid masks. We humbly request your financial help in order to buy the required materials. Any amount will be much appreciated. Your support will improve our living standards. Thank you.”

Current Wish List:
1) Supplies for Covid masks and high quality arts and crafts ($20-$60). This will allow them to become self-sufficient
2) Rent Money ($200 a month), until they are fully self-sufficient
3) Money to pay doctors bills—some have malaria 
4) A bicycle to deliver their products safely so they are not attacked. Kenya has hills so it will need to be multi-speed. New bike costs about $200 but they are looking into getting an older bike and fixing it up themselves.


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