In the Spirit of Harvey and Alan: #JewsAgainstICE — –Get inspired!

We the Alien Robotic Collective (ARC) find all humans (and plants, animals, minerals, and safety pins, etc) of any self-identified group to be holy and awesome. But we are definitely rooting for the folks that either fight a holy fight or fight a holy fight as allies. Since a large percentage of Latines have Jewish ancestry (Garcia, Martinez, Lopez, Limon. Citron are all classic names of Crypto Jews but there are others) any Jew who starts whining about Holocaust metaphors should be given stale oat matzah (that stuff is gross even when fresh) and try to remember the hell their ancestors went through heck, read Primo Levi’s memoir, heck read about what happened in the Belgian Congo. Some Jews try the Court Jew playbook. It goes like this: If only we are economically and super smart and like invent the polio vaccine (both of them) and win tons of Nobel laureates and work hard in sweatshops sewing shit (Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire anyone). And if we make friends with the power maker (Czar, King, Head Honcho whatever) and even better, get installed in his Court, well hey, we can save our people. Folks, I’m sorry, we tried this play for like 2000 years (The Purim story is an example — but says the way to do this is to send a fourteen year old virgin (my guess) to get fucked by a rather gross (probably smelly) king). Isaac Abarbanel was holy, smart, moneyed, and powerful. It looked like it would work. He managed to get some serious shit done. But when Ferdinand and Isabella wanted told Jews (“give us all your money or leave”) no matter how much he bribed them, they only delayed the expulsion by 2 days. So much for moneyed power plays even by good people.

So any Jew whose folks were immigrants (often illegal, yup) who thinks they’ve made it with their hard work and brains that they are untouchable belongs in the town of Chelm. No, kids, you made it because even though the Black Folk are just as smart and creative and brave as you, you had advantages they didn’t, sucky as the immigrant experience was (think Hester Street, younglings), sucky as it was to have job quotas, to have to change your name to get a job and learn how to code-switch to charm the WASPs, the Mob (or be a part of the Mob, or run your own Mob–Jews did all three), it sucked more for Blacks, Latines, and Indigenous folk.

ICE. That’s really a name. Like ICE-9. You know you can kill someone with a knife made of ice? The murder weapon like disappears (Ellen Raskin).

So when some Jews take on ICE or say, no shit, Israel should be open to Jews but the way Israel was brought about and the state set up was fuck-up after fuck-up, we say ” Aleichem Shalom.” They all thought they were going to die in ’67 (it’s a whole phenom) so they got on this high and many Israelis thought they should give back the territories. But do you do with someone like Menachem Begin, a traumatized a Holocaust survivor and a terrorist floating around who thinks Jabotinsky is like the one instead of the best Zionist writer Ahad Ha’am, who thought Jews should be good to the people already there.

On the other hand, stop saying Evil Zionist Whatevers unless you are Palestianian — Palestinians can say whatever they want because Bibi is like 45 but more brains. He only got into his power because he had this brother who died a martyr (long story.) Palestinian friends — go ahead and say whatever you like. You know some of your leaders sucked and were super awful like Arafat or evil like this Haj guy in 1920s who was besties with that Austrian piece of shit. Anyone in the know is aware that Hamas is Israel’s monster. They bolstered it to compete with the secular Fatah. But the common people are quite cool. Gaza is a dump. It’s not fit for human habitation. So put that in your pipe (most army folk in Israel smoke like chimneys to deal with the stress, both men and women) and burp it til your pupik is bigger than Al-Aqsa, a beautiful holy place — in fact the third holiest site in Islam.

So when the Jews took over the ICE Headquarters on July 16, 2019, it was rockin’ cool. You could call it the Rising of the Moon which is a great Irish song about a secret gang having an uprising at the British. It failed in concrete terms, oh yeah, but it spiritually was quite the thing. July 16, 2019 was you see an lunar eclipse and things always go wacky on eclipses, like earthquakes and stuff (science and myth which has science in it).

And some of the best fighters for Justice for others, including Palestinians, both in and out of Israel, are Jews we call frum. This whole denominational nonsense is an artifact of 19th century Germany. Two Jews, Three Opinions. Quite cool if you want to be atheist. But if you think that Jews who do feel a what-you-call-it presence of something that is greater (wiser) than them, one that loves ALL PEOPLE (there is a lot of garbage in traditional texts like that animals have no souls or Jews have extra special souls — that’s rubbish) are just saps who are brainwashed, if you seriously think all religion is a business (Chabad, United Synagogue of America and a lot of their training schools are, Aish Ha-Torah sure is, but the original Quakers, Shakers, Mennonites, and shtiebel schuls sure as fuck weren’t nor are the various often pro LGBTQIA Partnership Minyans — tho the Shakers made money to survive — like any monastery does with awesome products) you need to sit at the kids’ table at the Bar/bat/brat Mitzvah. No Bubbies Pickles for you.

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